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The Epiphany School of Charlotte is a non-profit independent day school bringing exceptional academic, social, and emotional programs and support to extraordinary children in grades 3 through 9 with Asperger’s or other communication differences, and with average- to above-average intelligence. Our small class instruction and specialized curriculum tailored to each child’s learning profile, social communication ability and sensory needs enables our students to develop success skills for high school and beyond.

A peek into the life of the Epiphany family:

Take a peak into what it’s like to be part of the Epiphany family during social distancing! Click on the link below to see what our classrooms look like and meet some of the smiling faces of our incredible staff. We are enrolling and look forward to meeting you. Thank you to Epiphany families and staff! Your dedication is out of this world!

Video: Together with The Epiphany School

There’s more to life than academics—there’s life itself.

At The Epiphany School, we go to great lengths to understand who our students are, so we may in turn help them understand themselves. This self-awareness and self-appreciation empowers our students to strengthen their social skills, develop more resilient coping skills, and forms a foundation from which confidence grows. Confidence to succeed academically, yes, but perhaps more importantly, confidence to enjoy life beyond the classroom.

Summer Camp 2020

The Epiphany School of Charlotte’s Summer Camp allows campers to learn and practice friendship skills and experience more social success and increased self confidence through fun and interactive games and activities.


Dear Epiphany School of Charlotte Family and Community,

We reach out to you today knowing that family and friends in our community and across the nation are hurting. In the midst of all of us weathering a pandemic storm, we are thrown yet again into turmoil and tragedy with the senseless deaths of our fellow citizens George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others.

The Epiphany School of Charlotte has a long-standing mission of social and emotional acceptance and understanding for students with Autism, Asperger’s and other social communication differences who walk through our world with a unique filter. Our passion lies in the celebration of each child’s uniqueness while surrounding them with love, an openness to learning and an environment of self-awareness. We value those qualities and we do our best to teach and instill unconditional acceptance for ourselves and those around us.

As adults and students alike grapple with the awareness of systemic inequalities and senseless acts of violence in our nation that continue to befall our fellow citizens and families...whether this awareness was and is a necessary lesson integrated in our family discussions growing up or if this is the lesson that now presents itself for us to unconditionally learn from...we look to ourselves, our institutions and our leaders for what next steps and actions can be that promote profound change.

There is work to be done. The Epiphany School of Charlotte commits to standing alongside our students, families, colleagues and partners of all races, ethnicities and cultures. We commit to listening and learning. We continue to commit to our passion for a safe and loving educational environment where all students and all of their unique qualities can be celebrated.

With love,

Head of School, Erin Morris and the Leadership Team of The Epiphany School of Charlotte

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Social Skills

Effective communication and social emotional skills are the cornerstone to an individual’s success and well-being both in and out of the classroom, which is why social emotional learning (SEL) is at the heart of everything we do at Epiphany.


Strong Academics

Our proven, evidence-based curriculum is centered around and taught to our students the way each child learns best. We understand and utilize each student’s learning strengths to provide an experience that is uniquely success oriented.


Nurturing Community

Honoring the uniqueness of each student, the Epiphany community—students, parents, teachers, and staff—foster a trusting and nurturing environment of self-awareness, unconditional acceptance, and openness to learning and life.

Our students are also our greatest fans:

  • The teachers are always there for you and help you along the way. They are very understanding.


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