Laurie SullivanSocial emotional learning coordinator

    “I believe passionately in the mission of The Epiphany School and I am thrilled to work at a school that offers so much to the students and their families.”

    My educational background:

    BA: University of South Carolina

    My certifications:

    26 years of experience in education

    My social/emotional trainings:

    Autism Summit, Social Thinking, Jed Baker conference

    My favorite teacher from my past:

    Mrs. Cohen she was so understanding and made me want to become a teacher

    What do I love about Epiphany?


    How does teaching and working with children inspire me?

    Being able to help our families is so important to me. Watching our kids develop skills and use them in the real world is amazing.

    My spirit animal:


    My favorite movie:

    The Notebook

    My favorite board game:


    My favorite book:

    The Notebook

    My favorite character, cartoon, or superhero:

    Kermit the Frog

    My Interests and hobbies:

    Volleyball and watching football

    My origins, travels and/or adventures:

    Grew up in Boston

    My favorite thing to do, place to go, or eatery in Charlotte:

    The Whitewater Center

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