Carla Leaf

    “This year, as a Board member, I had the privilege of spending time observing in Epiphany’s classrooms and getting to know both the teachers and the children. What an incredible experience it has been! Witnessing the connectivity between teachers and each of their students was extraordinary and inspiring. Allowing for individual needs and learning styles, Epiphany teachers and students make space for creative thinking, offer respect and dignity to each other, and celebrate one another’s uniqueness.”

    Carla Leaf is the former Director of Mission and Outreach at Covenant Presbyterian Church and is recently retired after 16 years. She continues to serve the community, advocating for those at the margins, be they children or those living with limited resources. She believes change can happen with creative thinking, authentic relationships and telling the stories of those impacted by change. She graduated from East Carolina University’s School of Art and enjoyed a successful art career. Prior to serving at Covenant, shared her artistic gifts teaching art to children in Title I schools and at the Mint Museum. Having made her home in Charlotte for over 40 years, she and her husband, Chip have three adult children and three grandchildren.

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