Nurturing Community

“Our son came to The Epiphany School of Charlotte beginning 4th grade in a truly delicate emotional state. His anxiety was so high the prior year at his old school that he hated school – he would come home, “cocoon” himself in his favorite blanket, and fall asleep for hours – we believe this was his coping mechanism. He was completely disengaged from his life and from his family – sadly, we felt we had lost our sweet, tender-hearted little boy. Now entering 6th grade and his third year at Epiphany, we see that each caring teacher at Epiphany has helped heal his head and heart, and expanded his skill set through “scaffolding” various physical, social, emotional and academic challenges. This scaffolding of skills happens daily (minute-by-minute it seems some days!), but the cumulative product over these years has revealed tremendous growth. Looking back over these past 2+ years, the changes in him are phenomenal and we are thrilled with the joyful, funny, confident, outgoing and engaging young man we see being unveiled! We know he is always in caring hands in a thought-filled environment at Epiphany where his individual needs are constantly evaluated, then creatively and consistently addressed.”

– JoDell and Robert Ziegler, Epiphany parents

We believe that each student can thrive with the right people and right environment. That is why our attention, energy and time are committed to developing, nurturing and partnering with students and parents to provide experiences that foster a sense of safety, security, belonging, support, acceptance, and celebration. Here are just a few of the ways we connect and cultivate our community:

A Nurturing Physical Environment
• minimizing sensory overload
• soothing colors
• Serene campus

Nurturing Students
• Interest-Based activities & clubs
• Yoga

Nurturing Parents
• Head of School Coffee Hour
• Parent workshops
• Parents Council
• Lending library

Nurturing Community
(Within and outside)
•Field Day
•School events